Portfolio Reporting

During the financial crisis, a bank was required to provide a frequently updated overview of its own portfolio including the state of each transaction on short notice. This required to merge data from different source systems. Then those data sets had to be consistently prepared for external stakeholders.

The key result of this project was to establish a consistent and replicable portfolio reporting. This enabled access to the required financial ressources and instruments.


    Data collection and analysis

    On short notice a tailor-made data plattform was designed and implemented to provide a stable source for all required data analysis

  • High pressure

    Due to the financially challenging situation of the bank and high level of public attention, the project team was under particular pressure

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Financial report

Portfolio Spin-Off

To spin-off a portfolio of assets (loans and other instruments), those had to be identified and later than transfered. To enable selection and transfer a unified data structure was designed and filled with (transformed) data points from various, partially historic, systems of record.

In this project the quality-assured data set could be provided on time (short deadline) for a successful portfolio spin-off.

  • Detailed requirements engineering

    Prior to implementation, a detailed analysis of the necessary data set (in particular length of history) for the selection and transfer of assets was carried out.


    Implementation and management of technical data transfer

    For the actual data transfer, MountainByte implemented the required software and managed all necessary technical steps

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Robot moving containers

Complex Loan Models

Revising credit risk models reqiured a harmonized data set with all relevant credit parameters and credit events. The complex project with many stakeholders (risk modeling, model validation, back office, credit processing, various IT teams) required an overall project management with a hollistic view of the entire data path. In addition, the corresponding database had to be implemented.

MountainByte's overall project management succeeded in aligning and balancing all requirements of the different stakaholders. Based on this MountainByte implemented the needed harmonized database.


    Project management with many diverse stakeholders

    In the complex interaction of internal stakeholders and external auditors, a jointly supported way of working was facilitated in a mediating and balancing way


    Data analysis and preparation

    Based on the agreed requirements as well as the technical experience of MountainByte, the necessary data sets and data fields could be determined and merged into a harmonised database

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Template Management

To drive digitalization at a financial institution, the old template system needed to be modernized. Before the project, multiple Word files required manual editing in a tedious process. This was replaced by web-based system to generate documents from modular text building blocks.

The nucleus for technical implementation was in the legal department. In an agile approach, the tool was enhanced in succesive go-lives in close cooperation between business users and MountainByte. In parallel, the legal department transfered more and more templates and text blocks into the tool. As a result, efficiency advantages could already be realized continuously during the implementation project.

  • Agile approach

    Iterative development in sprints, was done by the project team with business and IT expertise to deliver fast results

  • Implementation & support

    The web-based engineering was succesfully done by MountainByte. The production operations are supported with maintenance services

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Attempting to organize

Bespoke Applications for Banking

Every bank and insurance compnay is different. Also to consciously differentiate itself from the competition. This requires at certain points bespoke tools instead of off-the-shelf solutions.

One example in this field is a tool developed and supported by MountainByte in the area of regulatory reporting of a bank for the consolidation and validation of data records. Another example is a specialized loan operations tool that caters to the specifics of the real estate development business. Both solutions complement the standard software used around them by using defined and properly documented interfaces for integration.

  • Understanding requirements

    MountainByte thoroughly understands individual requirements from the business and IT side before proposing a solution.

  • Long-term support

    MountainByte provides permanent and reliable support as well as maintenance for customer-specific solutions

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