Data, Software Engineering and bespoke Solutions

IT for People And Results

We analyse data, built software and lead IT project to add value for banks and insurances.

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Goal-oriented and Hands-on

The MountainByte Approach

We work goal-oriented and hands-on. In close cooperation with all stakeholders on the basis of our four core values.

Designing for the future

We design solutions that are expandable, adaptable, flexible and future-proof.


We use modern methods, languages, frameworks and tools to engineer software.


We deliver our results reliably - even under the highest pressure and stress.


We deliver comprehensive documentation for users, coders and auditors.

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Our Experience

Several centuries of project experience in the context of banks and insurances are combined in our team. We can draw on our extensive and long-standing network to deliver results.

  • > 25 Years

    We have been active in the market for over 25 years. And always at the cutting edge: waterfall or agile. Procedural or object-oriented. We use what is effective and efficient.

  • > 90 customers

    In our long-standing customer relationships, more than 90 different contact persons have commissioned us. Often mulitple times.

  • 100% performance

    We always give 100%. In every project. In every assignment.

  • > 45 projects

    Our projects always deliver one thing: added value. Always.

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Our Team

People with expierence, skills and passion

Our team consists of a permanent core and is supplemented on a project-specific basis by our network of specialists.

  • Extensive Network

    MountainByte built an extensive network of specialists for projects in banks and insurances.

  • Unique Identity

    MountainByte is well-known for the unique IT for people and results. All persons in our team live up to this spirit – in every project.

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