Profiles and Roles

We always look at the tasks that need to be accomplished in our projects. That's why, we look for those persons who can fulfil on a specific role with their profiles. In some projects even multiple roles as one person.

Why work for MountainByte?

Really good work

Working for MountainByte means creating good IT, having fun on the way, learn and be flexible.

Mobile Work / Work from Home

MountainByte allows working from home (or anywhere) when reasonably possible and agreed upfront with the customer – especially for developer roles

Flexible Working Hours

One of the foundations for MountainByte is the individual organisation of working hours

Friendly and Competent Team

As a team, we talk openly about what went well and what did not. So we grow togehter professionally and personally

Dynamic Network

We follow a dynamic network approach with a combination of permanent employment and entrepreneurship. Always people oriented