Our competencies are our toolbox for successful cooperation and project work.

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Analysis & Advise

An essential element of our competence is an extensive analysis and advise phase. In doing so, we take an in-depth look at what is really needed, coming from the future user's perspectice. Our domain expertise complements our well-founded technical view of possible challenges and improvement potentials.

We analyze and advise independently, always with the objective of creating solutions that serve the people who use them and deliver distinct results.

Our solution designs and proposals aim not only on the short term, but for a stable and reliable long-term. In this way our solution designs form the basis for the work in our other areas of expertise.


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Application Development

For us, developing applications is more than a technical task. For us, development always means involving everyone involved during all phases: Starting with the requirements, discussing programming details or deployment procedures, and coordinating later support and maintenance.

Always included is detailed documentation for both code and usage.

Technologically we engineer applications based on various platforms: mostly based on databases, we create web-based applications (especially with .NET and Java) and applications with a dedicated client on different platforms (e.g., Java, Access, Excel, Word). In addition, we offer customization of standard software with .NET, Java as well as in the SAP context.


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Database Engineering

The development of business-driven databases is a unique competence of MountainByte. Thanks to our many years of expertise in banking and insurance, we can implement the fitting data model in a very targeted manner. In addition to the structure for data, we bring insights and support when feeding data into the database.

Technically, we rely on relational database systems (especially Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle) that are proven in the regulated environment of financial institutions. At the same time, we also integrate other data structures (including XML files, CSV, etc.) and build the necessary data transformations.

When developing databases, we always think one step ahead with regard to future requirements. This is how and why we design our data models to be future-proof, scalable and extensible.


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Data Analysis

Out technical competence joined with our business insight allow us to analyze all kinds of data sets. From an individual ad-hoc analysis to the implementation of large-scale, automated reports, we design the appropriate data analysis process and implement it.

If required for analysis, we complement existing data with additional data sets. At the same time, we do the necessary steps for quality assurance. For that we involve the relevant users and data providers aike. All that because high data quality is essential for drawing the right conclusions from any kind of data analysis.

To ensure reproducability of our results, we document all steps for the data analysis as well as all used sources. This ensures data lineage along the way.


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Application Maintenance

We provide reliable, long-term and timely maintenance for applications. We are commited to deliver the best service for applications developed by us as well as for those developed by others which we support on behalf of our customers.

We work on the same technical platforms for application maintenance as for application development. Thereby, we ensure our rapid response is backed by the necessary pracitical know-how.

To ensure short reaction times and stand-in procedures, we usually work with at least two persons per application. We can draw on our extensive network to guarantee the high MountainByte quality at all times.


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Project Steering

We can lead and manage projects: development projects, projects along technical and business interfaces, projects with different developers up to complex large-scale projects involving a myriad of stakeholders.

We use the best of modern approaches and proven methods. Agile or waterfall? We are not dogmatic. We use what fits best to reach the goal of a specific project with the people involved.

And of course we report in plain words on requirements, implementation and testing up to go-live as well as about the budget. At the same time, we ensure the necessary documentation.


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